Low cost and high quality PCV bus driver training

We answer the question, ‘why go for our PCV bus driver training?’ in the most efficient way through our logic and training methodology. You need work and keeping in mind the current situation of the transportation industry in UK, this seems to be the golden time to seek employment as a bus or a coach driver. Our PCV bus driver training targets everyone who wants to drive a bus, a double decker bus, a coach or a minibus as a professional.

An Insight to our PCV bus driver training system

If we commit then we deliver. This is our basic work methodology for training our students. We appreciate the loyalty that our students show us even after certifying and it means a lot to us.

We have the latest equipment in hand

There are so many training schools that don’t like investing in new and updated equipment that’s used in the PCV bus driver training. We have the latest vehicles which are brand new and easy to practice on.

Unlimited support from the team

From the genitor to your instructor, we have a team of people who work together to provide you with a healthy environment to train in.

Help with booking theoretical, practical and medical tests

Your CAT D licence will require you to undergo three major tests mentioned above. Let us do all the work while you concentrate on your PCV bus driver training.

Ready to pursue a rewarding career?

Your PCV bus driver training will not only get you a certificate of professional competence (CPC) but also a huge number of options to use it for. You can instantly find employment in the industry because there is a massive shortage of professional bus drivers in the UK. The government has taken measures to eliminate that by increasing the wages and providing drivers with incentives. You can easily make up to £30,000 per annum which increases with experience and time. Your PCV bus driver training will be your coach throughout your term as a professional driver.

Do you need financial help for your PCV bus driver training?

If you are low on funds due to which you can’t enrol or continue with PCV bus driver training then we are here to sort things out for you. We have a 0% interest rate funding option so there is no break in your training period.