Trusted forklift operator training with accredited instructors

Our forklift operator training isn’t only student’s favourite but it’s also recommended by hundreds of businesses across the UK. We are honoured to help a wide number of companies which contact us to get their employees the forklift operator training that will boost their sales and keep a safe environment at work place.

Prices & Funding Options

All our forklift operator training prices are inclusive of everything that we provide you with. You are issued a certificate stating that you are now qualified to handle a forklift commercially. We have competitive and affordable forklift training rates but if you for any reason are unable to arrange the funds for the training, we provide you with a 0% interest rate funding option so you can continue with your forklift operator training.

Kinds of Forklift Operator training we offer

Your job may require you to handle multiple kinds of forklifts so we have forklift operator training available for the most common and uncommon forklifts that are used at work places.

Counterbalance Forklift training

These are the most used forklifts in the UK and are exceptional when it comes to balancing the load.

Reach truck forklift training

The reach truck forklift only moves forward once the load is completely secured in place. These kinds of forklifts are commonly used in places like warehouses.

Side loader forklift training

Perfect for a wide space. This forklift can move in all four directions widening your boundaries.

Scissors lift forklift training

This forklift is great for reaching high places to pick up and place loads or to fix the shelves.

Orders pickers forklift training

This type of forklift will allow you to pick orders for high areas because the forklift is horizontal.

Refresher Forklift Training

10 out of 9 companies require their employees who handle forklifts to undergo a refresher forklift training to ensure that their skills are in order and the workplace stays safe without any harmful accidents. Our refresher forklift training also works as an annual assessment regarding your forklift operator skills.

Eligibility & Career

The eligibility requirements are extremely simple. You must be of at least 18 years of age and you must have no physical or mental disability. After your forklift operator training ends, our instructors will guide you through the most rewarding career options available in the country for you to take.